1. Happy Earth Day! Make your profile picture one of our magical Earth Day 2014 patches and spread the love of used books far and wide! http://powells.us/1raK4Yr

  2. Make room for more books by selling us the ones you don’t need anymore! (at Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing)

  3. poetic-and-mean:

    these books are costing me $4.

    thanks, powells.

    Used books, FTW.


  4. im-cute-and-curious said: My grandfather recently unearthed some very old books. Is there a website you could recommend I could look up there worth for him?

    There are a lot of factors that go into the value of a used book. Beyond age, we look at several elements, including the printing, binding, provenance, scarcity, and general collector interest in the title. We are lucky enough to have a team of highly-trained used book buyers that are adept at evaluating all of these factors.

    While we don’t offer appraisal services, we can recommend a few online resources for estimating the worth of a book. 

    Abe Books


    Bookfinder (note that the above two sites use this same database so there may be some overlap)

    Take all of the prices that you see on these sites with a grain of salt! The prices listed are retail, not the price that you would receive if you were to sell the book to a store like ours, and for every high dollar amount you can usually find the same title listed for far less.

    And finally, if you are interested in selling your books to us, you can always email us at sell@powells.com. We have detailed information on what we will and won’t buy, as well as how to sell back books at our Portland-area stores, here.

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  6. spookykrnr:

    I prefer buying used books because I love finding scribbles like this in them.

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  7. literaryjungle:

    There’s nothing better than buying a book second hand and coming across a note on the inside cover that somebody has written. It’s like finding a little piece of someone’s history.

    THIS. http://powells.us/174C9D2

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  8. axiomsandacres:

    OMG used books! by cowboy_montgomery on Flickr.

    The many faces of used book sellers: http://powells.us/13I3KX1

  9. Simple things can make a difference, especially when it comes to our planet. In honor of Earth Day, buy any five used books on Powells.com through April 22, and we’ll throw in a FREE Vapur Anti-Bottle.

  10. Sarah Mirk of the Portland Mercury discovered this gem on our Weird Books shelf in the Orange Room at Powell’s City of Books.

    You can read more in her article, but we’ll give you the main takeaway: pickles lead to masturbation and, in lieu of a pregnancy test, inject your urine into a frog.