1. And now…welcome to the CUTEST SALE EVER! http://powells.us/1poymMd

  2. Behind the scenes at today’s book photo-shoot for an upcoming promotion with the all-star bunnies of City Farm. Stay tuned for more! (at City Farm)

  3. clarawebbwillcutoffyourhead:

    Pug & Powell’s= ultimate fun

    Please draw your attention to the fact that the WAGGING TAIL IS CAUGHT IN THE BAG HANDLE.

  4. (x)

    What’s that? Oh yes. Still Cat Week.

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  6. Squee alert!

    Bunnies, foxes, and beavers double as sticker tabs that fold over to flag — and add cuteness to — important pages in this adorable journal: http://powells.us/13tFTfu


    (P.S. We love it so much it’s 30% off for a limited time.)

  7. Do you love sloths? We ♥ sloths. That’s why we chose Lucy Cooke’s book as one of our new favorites. 30% off here: http://powells.us/Zm20R3

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  8. Christine sent us a pic of her hedgehog Barnaby hanging out in a Powell’s mug.

    (Best. Friday. Ever.)