1. Yesterday one extremely excited customer went home with this treasure: a book by George Takei, signed by George Takei, with what appears to be George Takei on the cover.

  3. nprfreshair:

    In conjunction with the release of her autobiography, a fantastic NPR Books slideshow of personal photos of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s childhood in the Bronx.

    Here’s the Fresh Air interview with one of Justice Sotomayor’s colleagues, Justice Stephen Breyer.

    Image of Sotomayor as a child in New York City via NPR Books.

    Plus, we have signed editions available at Powells.com!

  4. After spending some quality time with Stephen Dau (The Book of Jonas), we’re even more excited about the upcoming shipment of our latest installment of Indiespensable. As if such a thing was possible.

    If you hurry, you might be able to snag one of the last few remaining installments…


  5. We’re lucky. Every year hundreds of authors tread on our turf to read from their work, meet their fans, and sign thousands of books. Most of those signed copies end up on our shelves and for sale online. But, a few of them get spirited away to a secret hiding place, where they await their glorious fate: inclusion in our annual signed editions sweepstakes!

    Enter to win this year’s 17 signed editions.

  6. Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis stopped by our offices last week to sign more copies of Wildwood. (We gave them some cookies.)