1. Walter Dean Myers died earlier this week at age 76. His work changed many lives. http://powells.us/1q0kGDu


  2. We were very sad to hear today about the death of local writer and frequent reader at our stores, Jay Lake. He will be missed.

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  3. We will never forget how Maya Angelou made us feel. RIP. http://powells.us/1rhszcr

  4. Novelist Mary Stewart, known for Touch Not the Cat, This Rough Magic and Nine Coaches Waiting, has died at age 97: http://powells.us/1qIKTLd

  5. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize-winning Colombian novelist, died today. He was 87. http://powells.us/1qQFL4r


  6. "The key to the future of the world is finding the optimistic stories and letting them be known."

  7. "An overnight success is ten years in the making."
    — Tom Clancy, who passed away yesterday morning at the age of 66 (via irisblasi)
  8. marthazinger:

    I love this.


  9. "If it was a belief in astrology, say, which is based on the same mentality as religion, that the heavens were arranged with you in mind, I wouldn’t care. If someone believes that the most important thing about them is that they’re a Capricorn, that can’t do me any harm. As Thomas Jefferson says, that neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. He didn’t care if there were one god or a hundred gods. But, he was wrong in saying that that was true of all religions. Because the people who do believe think they have the right to tell me what to do — with threats behind it. And that I won’t have. I refuse to be talked to in that tone of voice."
    — Christopher Hitchens, from his 2007 Powells.com interview