1. adrenalinejennilynn:

    Portland, Oregon - Day 1

    Love everything here. (EXCEPT THOSE GEESE.)

  2. omphotography:

    Burnside from Powell’s

    Powell’s City of Books, Portland OR, 12/31/11

  3. jamiatt:

    Just want to say I bought/received a lot of bookstore goodies in the last year and this is far and away the best thing I got. Perfect mug shape. Use it every day. Think of Powell’s.

    Aw, so tweet! 

  4. cleolinda:

    I feel like there’s a story here.

    Of course this happened in Oregon. (And the goat’s name is Cocoa.)

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  5. The Powell’s Meadowlark Mug is back in stock!

    Show some Oregon pride: http://powells.us/14MzIUu

  6. sarrahlynnmwaha:

    Coffee is so good.

    Did you know Oregon’s state drink is milk? (Yup. http://powells.us/14c0EwF)

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  7. listofnow:

    from the record store to Powell’s. out of the frying pan… take all my money, PDX. I want to buy all the things. #powells! #pilgrimage #books #pdx

    Life is short. Buy all the books.

  8. fywestcoast:

    Powell’s Books - Portland, Oregon

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  9. A good bookstore anchors its local community. That’s why Powell’s new anchor T-shirt… Oh, please! Our anchor T-shirt has no special symbolic value. It just looks good, like a blue dog with three heads flying on bat wings through a ferocious storm, or a pale princess guarding a magic orb at the bottom of an icy lake.

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