1. sarrahlynnmwaha:

    Coffee is so good.

    Did you know Oregon’s state drink is milk? (Yup. http://powells.us/14c0EwF)

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  3. This morning we’re sipping our coffee with a new species of cephalopod, the mug-dwelling octopus.

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  4. New day, new mug. This time, it’s the Dr. Who Disappearing Tardis Mug.

    All you need to do is add hot liquids (such as tea), and the Tardis disappears (sound effects not included) and reappears on the other side in deep space.

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  5. Daily dose of cute: this sleepy owl wakes up when you fill the mug with hot liquid.

    One of our new favorite products.

  6. We can think of a few people who might have this Tardis mug on their holiday wish list…