1. Authors signing copies of The Best of McSweeney’s for Indiespensable in the McSweeney’s office. (More authors are signing here in Portland!) We’re thrilled to have chosen it as our Indiespensable Volume 44.

  3. Dave Eggers tonight, Feb. 5, at Powell’s City of Books. He’ll be signing books starting at 6 pm til the ink runs dry.

    Who’s coming with us?

  4. Another last-minute addition to our February calendar!

    Dave Eggers will be joining us at Powell’s City of Books on February 5 at 6 pm (booksigning only).

  5. Announcing Indiespensable #35: A Million Heavens by John Brandon.

  6. housingworksbookstore:

    Future “books” will be bundled with soundtracks, musical leitmotifs, 3-D graphics, and streaming video. They’ll be enhanced with social bookmarking, online dating, and alerts from geo-networking apps whenever someone in your locality purchases the same book as you— anything so you don’t have to actually read the thing. Authors will do their own marketing, the reader will be responsible for distribution, the wisdom of crowds will take care of the editing, and the invisible hand of the market will perform the actual writing (if any). Writers will respond either by going viral or by going feral.

    (via McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: The Future of Books.)