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    My new Powell’s literature water bottle


  3. Here at Powells.com, in addition to exclusive interviewsoriginal essays, and Q&As, we feature a wide selection of guest blogs from noteworthy authors. Each week, a new author contributes to our blog for five days straight, revealing everything from their thoughts on the writing process to details about their favorite neighborhood cat.

    We’re constantly amazed at what comes out of these series, and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be able to host so many brilliant authors in one place.

    As the year comes to a close, we thought we’d give a rundown of all our guest bloggers for 2012 in case you missed — or want to revisit — any of their posts.

    Happy reading

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    “The difference between literature and journalism is that journalism is unreadable and literature is not read.”
    —Oscar Wilde

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    From the BookForum review of Ghost Lights

    “If literature can under the very best circumstances transport, then Millet’s extraordinary vision brings us in on the float. This is writing that endures…marks on the page that captivate and push and pull at the mind’s lazy habits. A landscape shift, a blast of faith—suffused with the ineffable, and an intrigue that feeds curiousity, which blossoms into hope.”

    In Stores 10/24

    We so love Lydia Millet. And how impossibly beautiful is that cover?

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    Covering Lolita:  185 book and media covers from 37 countries and 56 years…

    Above is a small sample, see more here.

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  8. "The summer after high school, my best friend and I worked a few days for a tourist attraction, long since defunct. It featured a chairlift up a mountain to a western town with saloon girls and gunslingers. There were plenty of jobs working in the stores, operating the lift, picking up litter. But, of course, we applied to be gunslingers. All they had to do was stage a dramatic fight once an hour, and in between just saunter around looking cool in jeans and bandanas and cowboy hats. The job we got, though, was digging out a collapsed mine. Mica, maybe. It was going to become a cave with a hillbilly moonshine still in it. Rocks kept falling from the ceiling, and we didn’t even have helmets. The third snake we pulled out, we dropped our shovels and took the chairlift down the mountain, never to return."
    — Charles Frazier, author of Cold Mountain and Nightwoods, in our Powell’s Q&A
  9. We’re so excited to announce Indiespensable #30: The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides.

  10. Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis stopped by our offices last week to sign more copies of Wildwood. (We gave them some cookies.)