1. You had me at Othello.

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    What a lovely bouquet!

    Didn’t even notice the flowers. Too busy ogling the gorgeous book.

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    Incest, cheating, drugs and more - historically, writers have not been the best at romance. 

    The Horrifying Love Lives of Famous Authors


  7. First Loves: Bambi

    The book that made me fall in love with reading was not a book I read myself. After the death of my father when I was barely six, and after a move to a new city, my mother decided to try a new tradition of gathering all three of her children together in the evening and reading to them. I’m sure it was a way to assuage her own grief while spending some quality time with three bewildered young children. The first book she chose to read was Bambi by Felix Salten.

    I remember being snuggled into my pajamas, with twilight closing in, listening to the sometimes funny, sometimes harrowing story of the young fawn read in my beloved mother’s calm and reassuring voice. It was magical and I was transported. I remember feeling a real sense of loss when the book ended. Wanting to recreate that feeling of finding other worlds made me pick up a book for myself, and I have never stopped reading. – Cathy K.

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  9. First Loves: The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

    It was my birthday in August 1949 in Germany. My mother and her sisters with all their children (all men at the frontline) were traveling from invaded East Germany to the west. Even though the war had ended in 1945, we were still poor and without any support. I don’t know where she got it from and how, but my mother gave me my first book: The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm. I carried this book everywhere and read it again and again. I was only seven years old but my reading improved with every page — I could not stop. After that I always had a book in my hand.

    My second love started in the Realschule in our German lesson. We were introduced to Anne Frank’s Diary and our teacher, a nun, took us to the movie theater to see the film. I can still feel my horror and my sadness. That started my eagerness to read everything about my country’s terrible history and the history of Europe at that time.
    – Helga W.

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