1. School’s out and it’s time to get serious about reading! Head to one of our stores to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge!

  2. Hey that’s not a book! #Repost from @nardell —- (Half of) Daft Punk as a child. :) #latergram #portland #pdx #taracon #kids #paperbag #powellsbooks #daftpunk #bagonhead #april2014

  3. Looking for a cute book for the kid in your life or your heart this spring? Look no further: http://powells.us/1pyJOoH

  4. axiomsandacres:

    OMG used books! by cowboy_montgomery on Flickr.

    The many faces of used book sellers: http://powells.us/13I3KX1

  5. "Sloth’s phone rings and rings. He races across the room to answer the call, but he’s a sloth, so it takes a while. The phone says he’s won an afternoon shopping spree! Can the sloth get to the store in time to claim his prize?"

    J. Otto Seibold’s new book Lost Sloth is our cup of tea. (It’s also 30% off for a limited time: http://powells.us/13Ek2jE)


  6. "Among the anarchy-friendly parenting choices we’ve made over the years — we unschool, for instance — we let our sons skip quite a few baths."

    We asked John Seven and Jana Christy (authors of A Rule is to Break) to write about anarchy and kids on the Powell’s blog.

  7. Today is Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day.

    Hope to see lots of smiling little faces at Powell’s!