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  2. "Is the end near? In Karen Thompson Walker’s beautiful and frightening debut, sunsets are becoming rarities, ‘real-timers’ live in daylight colonies while mainstream America continues to operate on the moribund system of ‘Clock Time,’ and environmentalists rail against global dependence on crops that guzzle light. Against this apocalyptic backdrop, Walker sets the coming-of-age story of brave, bewildered Julia, who wonders at the ‘malleable rhythms’ of the increasingly erratic adults around her. Like master fabulists Steven Millhauser and Kevin Brockmeier, Karen Thompson Walker takes a fantastic premise and makes it feel thrillingly real. In precise, poetic language, she floods the California suburbs with shadows and a doomsday glow, and in this altered light shows us amazing things about how one family responds to a stunningly imagined global crisis." —Karen Russell, author of Swamplandia!

    Announcing Indiespensable #34: The Age of Miracles.