1. "I’d like to point out that all the books I signed for Powell’s are signed in purple ink, which is not the usual color of ink I use in my fountain pen. Usually I sign in brown — only Powell’s got purple."

  2. Donna Tartt is known for her obsessive fans. As a freshman in college, her writing had already caught the attention of an eminent editor, who introduced himself by saying, “My name’s Willie Morris, and I think you’re a genius.” With the publication of her magnificent debut,The Secret History, Tartt became the focus of something like an international cult. Her second novel,The Little Friend, was one of the most anticipated literary events of the past decade. So it is with particular pleasure that we are featuring The Goldfinch, Tartt’s long-awaited third novel, as our selection for Indiespensable Volume 43. 

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  5. "One of the few living writers routinely described as ‘great.’"

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  9. “I think stories are retrospective almost by definition.”

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