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  4. “I think stories are retrospective almost by definition.”

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  9. "Pixie is a model who enjoys expertly chosen literature in her spare time. She prefers to read it upside down.”

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  10. Growing up in an Italian-American family in Danvers, Massachusetts, Domenica Ruta had a life filled with violence and poverty but also imagination and love. Ruta’s mother, Kathi, who “believed it was more important to be an interesting person than it was to be a good one,” cycled between welfare and great wealth, helped get her daughter into a prestigious boarding school, and gave her Oxycontin. In gorgeous, inventive prose, Ruta chronicles her coming of age, relationships, and struggles to define herself outside of her family. Darkly funny and painfully honest, With or Without You is an essential, necessary work.

    We whole-heartedly agree with Amy Bloom’s assessment: “In the world of memoir, Mary Karr’s and Geoffrey Wolff’s exceptional books burn and brighten, like actual stars among strings of tinsel. With or Without You is like that. I will read whatever Domenica Ruta writes.”

    We’re pleased to announce Powell’s Indiespensable #38: http://powells.us/YFj2Lz