1. mmjordahl:

    Powell’s is a kind and smiling god.

    We try.

  2. We’re happy to introduce our partnership with Kobo—it’s a new way to shop indie!

    With Kobo, your ebooks are yours, so you’re free to read them on any device—including your smartphone, tablet, or Kobo eReader. Even better? You don’t have to choose between embracing digital reading and supporting independent bookstores like Powell’s.

    Learn more about Kobo: http://powells.us/VNpqAJ

  3. Experimental comics and indie publishing fans should head over to The Projects, a weekend-long (through Sunday, 0ct. 21) festival here in Portland.

    Hosted by the Independent Publishing Resource Center, you can enjoy workshops on everything from zines to bookbinding. (Plus some rockin’ after-hours shows.)

    Learn more: http://powells.us/RHMnPX