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    I gathered some interesting facts about Murakami and will from now on post some of them once in a while. I think this could be fun and should bring something new to this blog. I got most of these facts from interviews or online articles as well as from this book by Jay Rubin. Because of the vast of sources I will not include them in my postings. If you’re absolutely sure I post something that isn’t true, let me know. You can also tell me cool things about Murakami not everyone is aware of and I will include them in my next post and give you some credit.

    Let’s start.

    • Haruki Murakami owns more than 6000 music records.
    • Despite worshipping simple cars (like the Subaru in “Dance Dance Dance”, for example), he actually drives a Porsche.
    • Murakami used to be a movie addict in his university times. In one year, he watched more than 200 movies and even wrote a lot of screenplays before even thinking of becoming a novelist or having a Jazz bar. He never deemed any of his screenplays good though, which is why we most likely won’t ever get to read them.
    • In an essay in 1989, he states that he had more than ten cats over the years and just rarely lived without at least one cat at his home since 1974. You can imagine how many cats lived with him by now. Haruki Murakami also used to have a cat called “Kirin” (after the Chinese unicorn, not the Japanese beer), that he got from fellow writer and namesake Ryū Murakami. Haruki says he is the best Japanese writer, and they apparently are good friends.
    • Back in university, when he would have a beard and long hair and read novels during class, always just barely slipping through his exams, Haruki would only have two friends. Both of them female. One of them, Yoko, would eventually become his wife.
    • Haruki Murakami can’t stand the work of Yukio Mishima.
    • He used to be an addict for mahjong but never really was a good player.

    (Source: murakamistuff)