1. fangirly-squeal:

    Fully stocked with AWESOMENESS! And yes, we have 1 Bofur hat (I got the other one). My job really does rule. @Powell’s Books, Beaverton, Oregon.

    It’s true: we really are fully stocked with AWESOMENESS.

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  2. Won’t someone give these two a good home?

    (Head to Pinterest to check out the rest of the goodies on our Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Geekery pinboard.)

  3. "If you like being surprised and shocked by strange things, you will enjoy this novel. It has all the appeal of a side show — full of freaks doing unbelievable things — but you can stay nice and clean and cozy in your own home while you visit!"

    - Today’s Daily Dose, submitted by Emily from Fullerton, California.