1. nprbooks:


    Gary Shteyngart is our guest today for his memoir Little Failure.

    Gary Shteyngart had a great interview with Terry Gross. My favorite is his story about a Hebrew school teacher advising him, “Children won’t play with you if you have that much fur on.

    But you should really listen to the whole thing. Also, watch the book trailer! Because James Franco in a pink bath robe.

  2. seymoursfatlady:

    Jill and Sydney reading Super Sad True Love Story :)


    (Read about the Super Happy Bookloving Dogs Contest here.)

    (Source: gingerarchivist)

  3. Gary Shteyngart wants to name a character in his next novel after you. And that character is a dog.

    Gary’s publisher, Random House, has cooked up the Super Happy Bookloving Dogs contest. To enter, take a photo of yourself and a dog reading Super Sad True Love Story and email it to bluestone at randomhouse dot com. Gary will select the winner himself, and boom! A soon-to-be-critically-acclaimed fictional pooch has your name.

    Fine print found here, and just for kicks, post your photos here on Tumblr too, with the tag #superhappybookdog.

    Good luck!

  4. Today’s Tournament of Books match pits Gary Shteyngart’s Super Sad True Love Story against Eric Puchner’s Model Home. WHO WILL EMERGE VICTORIOUS?!?!?

    Visit The Morning News to find out.