1. Could a frog hitch a ride on some debris and float to another continent? Could a monkey cross the Atlantic unassisted? Biologist Alan de Queiroz presents a provocative investigation of the ways in which species may have dispersed throughout the world via seemingly impossible journeys, traveling not just by land but across vast bodies of water.
    Recommended by Renee P., Powells.com

  2. Ultimately, it will probably be impossible to know exactly when or why breasts evolved. There is no fossil evidence for breasts. We don’t exhume Lucy and know her cup size.

    But the debate matters. It colors how we view breasts, who they’re really for, and how we treat them. The origin discussion is worth having, and maybe someday we’ll appreciate breasts in more ways than we do now. In fuller, softer, more ponderous and pendulous ways.

    —Florence Williams, author of Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History, in an original essay on Powells.com