1. rookiemag:

    Say Yes

    The not-so-secret password to fun, adventure, and lifelong happiness.

    Words by Emma S., illustration by Marjainez.

    It’s always easy to say yes to Emma Straub.

  2. millionsmillions:


    Emma and I challenge Michael Chabon to something TOUGH. Emma TELLS IT LIKE IT IS! Watch out!

    Emma’s Book

    Dan’s Book

    So do you think Chabon and Rowling are done with those Brownies, Emma? Just wondering.

  3. bookoisseur:


    The Magnetic Fields are on tour right now, and their magical merch queen (and a wonderful writer in her own right) Emma Straub is blogging about it at http://touratthebottomofthesea.com/2012/03/07/hudson-new-york/. With wonderful photos. Like this one.

    Holy crap. This picture is awesome.

    (via tatteredcover)