1. This week for #FridayHappyHour we want to help you cook up something special with a new cookbook! Buy something today on powells.com and we might add one of these to your order!

  2. If you had to pick just one cookbook to take with you to a deserted island (with a fully stocked kitchen), what would it be? http://powells.us/1pH7ozL

  3. Is it time to start grilling yet? http://powells.us/1eevKq5


  4. Required Reading: 20 Best All-Around Cookbooks

    At Powell’s, we love a good cookbook: the recipes that make you want to head straight for the kitchen, the mouth-watering photos, the advice on how to approach cooking and how to make recipes your own. We treasure cookbooks so much that many of us have shelves and shelves — and in some cases entire bookcases — devoted to them at home. While we’re not about to pare down our collections, we thought it might be interesting to consider what would happen if we had to give up all of those books except for one. What cookbook would get us through meal after meal, day after day? We asked our staff this very question. Here’s what they chose.

  5. One of our favorite cookbooks of the season.

  7. Epicurious.com released their list of the best cookbooks this year. In the mix? Two Portland authors.

    Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson.

    Roots by Diane Morgan.

    (You can read an original essay written by Diane on the Powell’s blog here.)

  8. We interviewed Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks about her new cookbook, Super Natural Every Day. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to give it a look. It’s a keeper.

    Read our interview, here.