1. We have the best customers. (EVER.) Thanks to Brendan for making this video of his shopping experience at our Friends & Family Night!

  2. This love is serious. Thank you Word Brooklyn for the shirt and adorable tiny card and bookstore love. Look for a little something from us in the mail soon.


  3. Bicoastal bookstore/tumblr lurve, plus antlers


    Customer: Did you used to work at Powell’s, or do you just have a t-shirt?
    Jenn: I just have a t-shirt! Because it’s a great bookstore.
    Customer: Definitely, I have one too.
    Jenn: And they have a really good tumblr. Do you know about tumblr?
    Customer: I do! I just got back from a road trip actually, from Montana to here, with elk antlers, that I documented on there.

    We would read that blog!

    (Source: wordbookstores)