1. wwnorton:


    Boghandler is Danish for “bookseller.”



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  2. "We live for books."
    — Umberto Eco (via anccakelm)

  3. First lines from random books:



    “In August 2008, I had a panic attack that forced me out of my home naked.”

    Kevin Sampsell, A Common Pornography, 2010, Harper Perennial

    You should read the rest of the lines too. I hear they’re pretty good.

    Hey, we know him! http://powells.us/12yXhgg

  4. Jeremy at Powell’s Books just finished How Literature Saved My Life by David Shields. Find out why he thinks it’s a must-read for all readers: http://powells.us/ZnASmG


  5. "Overall, artistically, I think it’s a pretty exciting time in the literary world."
  6. Our own Gigi just started reading The News from Spain by Joan Wickersham. So far, she’s loving it.

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