1. What are you reading today? #Repost from @genoaphoto —- At the gym and she won’t put her book down. I love it! #powellsbooks #reading #summerreading #books #booklovers

  2. Reading together! #Repost from @genoaphoto —- Book heaven. #powells #portland #books #reading

  3. It’s #FridayHappyHour and this week to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight, we are randomly tucking Batman swag bags into orders placed today.

    We’re not saying that you’ll get this mask and immediately become a Batman-like hero in your own city. We’re not saying that by putting it on, you’ll strike fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere. That is absolutely not what will happen.

  4. You can never be too excited about books! #Repost from @erinnotbella —- Overly excited! #books #powells

  5. Books and bikes: the perfect way to embrace Sunday. http://powells.us/1stYib0

  6. Are you thirsty? Let us help you with that! http://powells.us/1sp7VYi

  7. 9 books Powell’s employees think you need to read this summer: http://powells.us/1soMVko

  8. It’s the National Day of Making! What are you making? http://powells.us/1sozQHK

  9. Are you an email marketing whiz who loves books? We want you to join our team! Apply by June 8 for a chance to become our new email-focused Marketing Coordinator! http://powells.us/Yw4T3p

  10. Protect your children from book dragons with this camouflage shirt! http://powells.us/1uiRv12