1. Good news! Now when you buy a book through Bookslut, you’re buying it from us! Teamwork! Thank you Bookslut! 

  2. Fans! #Repost from @mac_vicchrilli —- We are so giddy right now. This was completely worth the drive! (Even though she’s apparently coming to Salt Lake in the fall. Ha!) #books #bookobsessed #lainitaylor #sheisthesweetest #happiness #dreamsofgodsandmonsters #portland #powellsbooks #roadtrip

  3. Congratulations to Donna Tartt for winning the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for The Goldfinch (our pick for Volume 43 of Indiespensable: http://powells.us/1p4bxxj)! Check out all the 2014 winners: http://powells.us/1qAkdc1

  4. What are you reading today?

  5. We all want the same thing… #Repost from @haleysnuffleupogus —- All I want is a life surrounded with good books. #books #powells #homeawayfromhome #pdx

  6. It’s #readwomen2014 and for a limited time we’re offering some of our favorite translated titles, all written by women, for 30% off. What will you read? http://powells.us/1hBwwlo

  7. Did your favorite book win The Morning News Tournament of Books? http://powells.us/zMirbz

  8. Sparky the sloth can play dead! He can also do countless other tricks! Like play dead! http://




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    Disclosure: It’s my opinion that there is no way to hold a non-subjective book competition. This is why literary awards are fraught with political questions of taste, race, class, and gender. Spoiler alert. And so I love how the Tournament of Books introduces a different judge for each book pairing as this seemingly both mitigates and exacerbates the personal vagaries of each individual reader. Having a range of judges gives an appearance of fairness, but it is also a giant FU to the very idea that these competitions could be anything but. If none of this really means anything, however, why not just pack up our books now and go home, where we can read in private and arrive at our own conclusions in our own time?

    Hahaha, I’m joking, welcome to the Zombie Round!!!!