1. What the what? A roundup of celebrities who’ve modeled for book cover art.

  2. wnycradiolab:

    Oliver Sacks Covers by Cardon Webb

    (via @H_FJ)

    Beeeee-utiful.  I wonder what the spines look like?

  3. vintageanchor:

    Max Barry wants your opinion on the cover for his forthcoming book MACHINE MAN and has posted the candidates on Reddit.

    Which is your favorite?

    The shirtless man-bot in #5 gets our vote.

    (Source: vintageanchorbooks)

  4. Penguin Threads series, featuring hand-sewn cover art by Jillian Tamaki. Coming this fall, more at The Atlantic.

  5. ihearthings:

    Awesome new minimal Don DeLillo cover designs from Picador.