1. On Saturday we were joined by some of our favorite authors for Indies First! Featured here, from top to bottom:

    Carli Davidson
    Cheryl Strayed
    Liz Crain and John Gorham
    Whitney Otto, William Todd Schultz, and Richard Melo
    Chris Bolton
    Mark Russell
    Peter Rock

    We were also thrilled to welcome to our stores Stevan Allred, Ian Doescher, Amanda Coplin, and Chris Santella. Thanks to all the authors who came out and to the customers who helped make it a great event!

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  3. "Yes. I think if you are a creative person, you’re always curious. You may not be inspired, but you’re seldom bored. That’s partly why you’ll go to the party you had no intention of going to or the place you had no intention of visiting, because there might be inspiration. There might not be, but you’re willing to check it out. If you want to be a creative person, you have to be curious. You can’t see the world in black and white.

    And it doesn’t mean that inside you might not be the prig of the world or something. But there has to be a part of you that withholds judgment, or you’re not going to get entry into the world. If every time someone tells you something, you say right away, “I will not,” or, “You can’t do that,” or “No, that’s wrong,” or, “I can’t hear that,” then they’re not going to tell you things anymore. But more than that, when you’re judgmental, you cut yourself off.

    And you can be listening to someone’s story and thinking, Oh my God, wait until I tell this one to my friend! And that’s fine. But in the moment, you have to be… you have to be genuine, I guess. I don’t think you should egg people on to tell you things that they shouldn’t. I don’t think that’s the right thing to do. But I do think that if you’re a creative person, your interest is genuine. You can be hearing some outrageous thing. In that moment, you’re probably thinking, Oh my God, please don’t stop talking! [Laughter]

    But — and this might sound kind of goofy — but I think you have to lean more towards love than hate, in a way.”

    Read the rest of our interview with Whitney Otto on the Powell’s blog.