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    Source: http://storify.com/wstonesoxfordst/the-call-of-cthulhu-1

    Hah, this is actually rather good.

    cthulhu 2016

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  2. Hey you!

    We’re taking questions live with The Death of Bees author Lisa O’Donnell for the next hour!

    Tweet us about writing her first novel, winning the Orange Screenwriting Prize, being Scottish, or whatever @Powells. 

  3. Today is the day! Join us for our live chat on Twitter with The Death of Bees author Lisa O’Donnell.

    (Plus, she’s signing books at our Cedar Hills Crossing store tonight at 7 pm.)

  4. We’re getting excited for tomorrow’s Twitter live chat with Indiespensable 37 author Lisa O’Donnell!

    Get ready by reading our interview with her on the Powell’s blog: http://powells.us/VOHlmi

    Or, listen to Linda Wertheimer interview her on NPR: http://powells.us/UCppQQ

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  5. We’re happy to announce Indiespensable Vol. 37!

    Blackly comic and gorgeously written, Lisa O’Donnell’s The Death of Bees is a beautiful and arresting novel.

    Plus, we’ll be hosting a live chat on Twitter with Lisa. Join us January 8th at 1 pm (PST) and tweet your questions about writing her first novel, Scotland, and more @Powells using the hashtag #indiechat.


  6. "Wait a minute, I thought. You’re losing all perspective. You’re talking with a skull. You have no idea who this is. Would you let a skull pick you up at a bus stop? Definitely not. But on Twitter you find yourself doing all sorts of things you wouldn’t otherwise do. And once you’ve entered the Enchanted E-Forest, lured in there by cute bunnies and playful kittens, you can find yourself wandering around in it for quite some time."
    — Margaret Atwood, Deeper into the Twungle (via nybooks)

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