1. How did the last good book you read end up in your hands, and why did you read it?
    These days I’m really into rereading some of my past favorites. It’s like visiting old friends. I just went back to Sorcery and Cecelia, a deliciously fun and very polite romp by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer.

    Have you ever made a literary pilgrimage?
    Not unless you count going to Boston Worldcon to meet Tamora Pierce.

    Describe the best breakfast of your life.
    Oh, this is an easy one. At the Denver Worldcon in 2008 (an all-around awesome trip), the hotel I stayed at (across from the Convention Center) had, in my book, the perfect breakfast. It was a little stew pot of tomatoes with spinach topped with two poached eggs and toast tips. (I ordered it without the ham.) I’ve been trying to get back to Denver ever since in the hopes of eating that breakfast again.

    What is your favorite indulgence, either wicked or benign?
    Puff pastries, anything custard or passion fruit related, German half-sweet Rieslings, shellac manicures, large-scale fish consumption, bitter greens, poached eggs, massages, hot tubs, Italian leather shoes, vintage dresses, patterned tights, industrial-inspired jewelry, whole milk, imported tea, expensive bed linen.

    In case you hadn’t guessed, I like to eat, sleep, and dress up.

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