1. The winning fiction title, as chosen by you!

  2. You came, you read, you voted. Who won big in the 2013 Powell’s Puddly Awards?

    Find out if your favorite book of 2012 made the cut: http://powells.us/X9FY4Z

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  4. Yes, we’re compulsively refreshing the Powell’s Puddly page.

    (You guys are picking such awesome books!)

  6. We asked you to vote for the best book you read in 2011, and you responded in record numbers. Now, the results are in. And, kudos to you, we might add. So exuberant were we at this final 50, we wanted to mark the occasion with a poem (we are booksellers, after all). But as Jay Z, whose inability to complete his infamous album Fly to Be Dry, long ago noted, “It’s really hard to rhyme with ‘galoshes.’” So, we’ll skip the fanfare, and take you straight to… your 2012 Puddly Award winners!

  7. Go ahead, let your voice be heard — tell us about the best book you read in 2011. Every year we ask our customers to determine which titles should earn the coveted Puddly Awards, Powell’s version of the Oscars. Only, in our case, those who vote are winners, too. By casting a ballot you could win a $250 Powell’s Card or one of four $50 cards!