1. It’s National Poetry Month! What better time than now to stock up on poetry? http://powells.us/1jVr8Nf

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  6. Which women in translation will you read in 2014?

  7. "It’s a very interesting thing to write, motherhood. It’s so difficult to write a very, very strong feeling and powerful love without sounding sentimental. It’s hard, on the one hand, to do real justice to it — that overwhelming, strong loving feeling that mothers mostly have for their children — and, on the other hand, to get that on the page without writing it as a kind of advertisement-type teariness. It’s much easier to write angst than it is to write strong love."

    Read the full Powells.com interview with Tessa Hadley.

  8. With its economical prose, piercing wit, and eclectic, observational asides, Jenny Offill’s Dept. of Speculation reads like the love child of David Markson, Lydia Davis, and Alejandro Zambra. At its core, it’s a novel about a marriage — a marriage that is starting to shatter just as the wife’s life is starting to break down. But it’s also a novel about motherhood, trust, faith, music, art, and astronomy, reminiscent of the myriad thoughts that fill our heads as we lie awake at night.

    A nice companion piece to something like Connell’s Mrs. BridgeDept. of Speculation combines insightful humor with astute analysis of modern life in a book I’ll be recommending for quite some time.

    Gary L. recommends Dept. of Speculation, by Jenny Offill.


  10. 40 Must-Read Books Set in the Pacific Northwest


    This round of Required Reading is dedicated to the place we at Powell’s Books call home: the great Pacific Northwest. Whether you’re from the area or you simply appreciate the region for its beauty, history, or temperament (or legendary bookstore), these titles will give you a more nuanced understanding of this peculiar corner of the U.S.

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