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  2. Siri Hustvedt: The Powells.com Interview

    Jill: I was delighted to hear about the structure of The Blazing World before I read it — it sounded like it would allow for a multiplicity of views and voices, which it did. Why did you decide to approach Harriet this way, and what do you think you gained from this structure?

    Hustvedt: Harry is such a hot character, hot as opposed to cool, that I think the reader would die, actually, if it were only her voice. The book really is a kind of refraction; it’s like light in a prism. It keeps refracting around the room.

    I wanted her to be seen from multiple perspectives. She’s dead, of course, but you get to feel her living, writing in the notebooks, with the distance that’s provided by this frame with the editor. We know there has been interest in her work. She is a respected artist after her death, which is something she desperately wanted and hoped for.

    Then I think about polyphony, that you can’t come down in any one place. The voices are voices of contradiction, of cacophony, and there are warring ideas, warring feelings. The form really mirrors the thematics of the book.

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    Portland, Oregon - Day 1

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  4. Our Valentine’s Day picks are waiting for that special someone — and that someone is you.

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    Portland is my new crush.

    Accurate representation.

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  7. Mitchell S. Jackson’s go-to gift for family and friends.

  8. On Saturday we were joined by some of our favorite authors for Indies First! Featured here, from top to bottom:

    Carli Davidson
    Cheryl Strayed
    Liz Crain and John Gorham
    Whitney Otto, William Todd Schultz, and Richard Melo
    Chris Bolton
    Mark Russell
    Peter Rock

    We were also thrilled to welcome to our stores Stevan Allred, Ian Doescher, Amanda Coplin, and Chris Santella. Thanks to all the authors who came out and to the customers who helped make it a great event!

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