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  2. choose-life:

    Treats for my brain from Portlands enormous book store #Powells;
    In Defense of Food by #MichaelPollan and
    The Kandy Kolored Tangerine Flake Streamline Baby by #TomWolfe,
    with the added bonus that they they are both second hand #consciousconsumption #latergram #books

    Mmmmm… delicious brain treats.

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  4. If you missed our event with Michael Pollan (presented in partnership with Oregon Public Radio), we have good news!

    You can listen to Dave Miller, host of OPB’s Think Out Loud, as he joins Michael Pollan to explore the twists and turns of Pollan’s education in the kitchen and to discuss the ever-important role of cooking in our everyday lives.

  5. Tickets for our events with Michael Pollan and Temple Grandin are sold out, but we still have tickets available for two more exciting author events!

    E.O. Wilson at the Bagdad Theater in May: http://powells.us/ZYuyjU

    Khaled Hosseini at the Newmark Theatre in June: http://powells.us/ZhtcSV

  6. We’re excited to announce our May event with Michael Pollan!

    Ticket presale starts now; use the promo code “BOOK” to purchase.

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