1. jennwitte:

    trying to make them seem more human by adding cats so we don’t become kobots


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  3. Check out this clip about the new Kobo eReaders at Powell’s. (Thanks Channel 6!)

  4. Different strokes for different folks. (This is why we’re so happy to be able to offer Kobo eReaders!)



    Ebooks vs. print across various behavioral categories. Children’s picturebooks are clearly lagging most palpably – here is Martin Salisbury’s thoughtful explanation of why.

    ‘Electronic or printed, it doesn’t matter: Nothing beats a good book.’ See more of the infographic over on mashable.com.

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    File under: good to know.

    Had us at Battlestar Galactica…

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  6. Last chance to enter to win a Kobo Mini eReader!

  7. Two days only!

    The Kobo Mini eReader is on sale at Powell’s for $49.99.*

    Plus, enter for a chance to win one! Go now: http://powells.us/Tci8l2

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  8. This Friday and Saturday (Nov. 23-24), the Kobo Mini eReader is only $49.99* (reg. $79.99) at Powell’s!

    Find your Mini in-stores or online at http://powells.us/Tci8l2 

    *While supplies last

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