1. Jordan G., bookseller at Powell’s Books at PDX, is certain that this book will be a hit with everyone from sartorially inclined Pisces to recovering kleptomaniacs.

    “Jon Klassen first stole my heart with his breakout hit, I Want My Hat Back. Now, he has taken his dapper-animal adventures under the sea with this endearing tale of a small fish who steals from a big fish. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work out. Fans of marine biology, fashion accessories, and vigilante justice should all read this book to a child, today!”

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  2. fuckyeahbookarts:


    Jon Klassen: I Want My Hat Back

    Lessons children’s books probably shouldn’t teach us… but on the other hand… I Want My Hat Back is literary gold. That adorable blood-thirsty bear really wants his damn hat back! I like to think the real lesson here is about never giving up :D 

    I Want My Hat Back was one of our absolute favorite books of the year. But yeah, that really is what it’s about.

    (via goodbookers)