1. Enter the enchanted animal land of Sylver with Lin Rosenquist, an 11-year-old girl who finds herself on a fateful journey. Can she restore the magical balance of this snowy world in time to save its animal inhabitants? A captivating winter fantasy for young readers. —Aubrey, Powells.com

  2. Trust Bill Bryson to make the summer of 1927 as immediate and thrilling to the reader as it was to the Americans who lived through it. Written with Bryson’s characteristic combination of wit, irony, and genuine fondness for his subject matter, One Summer is a joyful read by a master of narrative nonfiction.

    Recommended by Rhianna W., Powells.com

  3. Tracey T., new book buyer at Powell’s City of Books, has just the right book for the crafty, DIY-type this year.

    “In apparel design school I learned that the secret to sewing amazing vintage wear is to use old-school tailoring techniques. Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing is a tailoring teacher in book form. Besides the sewing lessons, Gertie (Gretchen Hirsch) walks you through exactly how to achieve the 25 patterns included, as well as how to decipher tricky vintage patterns you may already have.”

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  4. Searching for the right gift for the young adult in your life? Dot D., graphic designer at Powell’s Books, recommends The Diviners. (Especially for fans of Downton Abbey and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)

    “The Diviners is one of those books you can wallow in, with vintage slang peppering the dialogue in all the right places, era-specific fads criss-crossing the pages, and the sparkle and spangle of clothing styles draped all over our main characters. From the sultry Valentino to the gory H.H. Holmes, I loved catching echoes of familiar historical events tucked into a plotline of dark mysterious forces and sassy dancing girls. This story of flappers and fiends is, overall, a gloriously fun and creepy read for long rainy days.”

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  5. Jeremy G., events coordinator at Powell’s Books, recommends one title that will please just about anybody on your list this year.

    “Telegraph Avenue is a sonorous, sweeping portrait of a contemporary American neighborhood, with a compelling and imaginative plot, richly-conceived characters, and gorgeous, elegant prose. This resonant new novel may well be his finest yet!”

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  6. Jordan G., bookseller at Powell’s Books at PDX, is certain that this book will be a hit with everyone from sartorially inclined Pisces to recovering kleptomaniacs.

    “Jon Klassen first stole my heart with his breakout hit, I Want My Hat Back. Now, he has taken his dapper-animal adventures under the sea with this endearing tale of a small fish who steals from a big fish. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work out. Fans of marine biology, fashion accessories, and vigilante justice should all read this book to a child, today!”

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  7. Heidi M., marketing manager at Powell’s Books, knows what you should give fans of Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica (and your cousin who’s really into cosplay) this year: Geek Battle.

    “Within each Geek Battle box exists a magical place where geeks and their loved ones can meet, interact, learn some stuff, and be impressed with each other. (Note: Actual geekiness is not required for gameplay. If you can reference a ‘plus 4 to your Mystical Helmet of Knowledge,’ though, all the better.)”

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  8. Kelly S., gift buyer at Powell’s Books at PDX recommends you give Theo Chocolate Winter Caramel Collection this season.

    “At Powell’s, we love Theo Chocolate. And by love, I mean really love – like you can’t just have one because they’re so addictively delicious. And what’s not to love about the company itself? Theo is one of just a handful of bean-to-bar companies, and their sole mission is to make the world a better place through fair-trade, organic chocolate.”

    Find this sweet treat and more Holiday Staff Picks: http://powells.us/TFuemW

  9. Shopping for a design-minded reader? Jen C., merchandiser at Powells.com, recommends Building Stories by Chris Ware.

    “This box set takes Ware’s penchant for untraditional formats to a whole new level. A variety of pamphlets, newspapers, books, and even a ‘game board’ allows readers to start and end wherever they like, making for a unique reading experience. Aficionados of print ephemera and graphic novels will love this collection.”