1. Mixing large doses of high tech, a mysterious bookstore, and an entire army of bibliophiles, this charming novel is a booklover’s dream. You will be entranced by Mr. Penumbra’s bookstore, with its shadowy customers and shelves teetering on the edge of vertigo, along with the twists and turns of this tale.
    Recommended by Mary Jo, Powells.com

  2. Genuine — and genuinely funny — this touching coming-of-age novel perfectly blends humor and heartfelt emotion. Fangirl is about love, fan fiction, outsiders, and sisters starting their freshmen year at college. This gem will captivate teen and adult readers alike.
    Recommended by Abby, Powells.com

  3. Knitting: it’s not just for Madame Defarge. Authors as varied as Andre DuBus III, Sue Grafton, and Ann Patchett share essays on the passion and magic of knitting. Put those needles down, grab a cuppa, and settle in for an inspiring read.
    Recommended by Tracey, Powells.com

  4. In this exciting and frightening follow-up to The Shining, Stephen King brings back the gifted young Danny Torrance, now a troubled adult. His encounter with a young girl who has an even greater gift sends them both into battle against a powerful evil. King fans won’t be disappointed.
    Recommended by Doug C., Powells.com

  5. In her latest historical biography, Pulitzer Prize–winner Goodwin explores the fractious relationship between Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft. As with Team of Rivals and No Ordinary Time, The Bully Pulpit is remarkable for its meticulous research and lively, accessible narrative.
    Recommended by Rhianna W., Powells.com

  6. Anyone with even a passing interest in contemporary fiction should own this book. Featuring short stories from greats like George Saunders, Lydia Davis, David Foster Wallace, and Zadie Smith — along with other goodies from the renowned journal — this anthology is one to savor from cover to cover.
    Recommended by Renee P., Powells.com

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  7. Anyone familiar with J. J. Abrams’s cultishly popular film and TV projects should know exactly what to expect from his first foray into the printed word: the unexpected. This über-meta, genre-blending novel (akin to House of Leaves and Cloud Atlas) takes the reader on a fast-paced, perplexing ride.
    Recommended by Kim, Powells.com

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