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    Upon rereading the book recently, I took special note of Gatsby’s spending habits. He’s described as a wealthy man, but he’s still living a very tony lifestyle for someone who made most of his money bootlegging. One over-the-top party, yes. But an over-the-top party every weekend? Even hedge-funders don’t live like that.

    So I pulled every nugget from The Great Gatsby related to Gatsby’s personal wealth and income, and every passage that detailed his spending, and — with the help of some experts — tried to re-create a historical ledger that might have shown the state of Jay Gatsby’s fortune, if he had been a real person and not a figment of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s imagination. It turns out that, far from accumulating vast stores of wealth, Jay Gatsby might have been spending beyond his means.

    Was the Great Gatsby Broke? — Daily Intelligencer

    “Reserving judgements is a matter of infinite hope.”