1. Jeannette Walls will be at Cedar Hills Crossing on Tuesday! http://powells.us/1vba7AN

  2. Spider-Man holds down the fort in the Cedar Hills Crossing store’s Graphic Novels section. What’s your favorite graphic novel? 

  3. Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis stopped by today to sign preordered copies of Wildwood Imperium in advance of their event at our Cedar Hills Crossing store on Saturday!

  4. We’re hiring! A few new open positions, including an Assistant Manager role at our Cedar Hills Crossing store.

    Click on “Employment” at the bottom of our homepage for details: http://powells.us/16p9CYE

  5. wilwheaton:

    Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day and the group behind the weekly web series “TableTop” are hoping to take their fervor for board games global with a March 30 event they’ve dubbed International TableTop Day.

    Day’s multimedia company and YouTube channel Geek & Sundry are teaming up with local game stores and major publishers, including Asmodee Editions, Days of Wonder, Indie Boards & Cards, Mayfair Games and Wizards of the Coast, to host the event — a sort of worldwide gaming open house. People interested in trying new games or meeting other gamers can sign up atTableTopDay.com to attend free events at game shops or to host their own gaming event.

    The event comes after the success of the “TableTop” series, hosted by Wheaton, of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “The Big Bang Theory” fame. The show, which launched last April, features Wheaton and a table of celebrity guests teaching and playing board games, card games and dice games, drawing hundreds of thousands of views each week.

    Hero Complex readers can get a first look at Wheaton’s latest video (above). We caught up with Wheaton to talk about the series, International TableTop Day and the joy of gaming.

    (more at: International TableTop Day: Wil Wheaton wants you to play board games)

    We’re excited to be an official host of International TableTop Day!

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  6. millionsmillions:

    It is high time defenders of American literary fiction cut Oprah Winfrey a break. These days, even Oprah is no longer Oprah, and while Mathis’s novel has shot up into the bestseller lists, it is unlikely stay there for months the way books did in the Book Club’s 1990s heyday. Still, imagine what would have happened if Winfrey hadn’t picked it. It still would have garnered raves from reviewers in print and online, and over time booksellers would have begun quietly putting it in the hands of favored customers. In other words, it would have remained a well-kept secret among a bookish few.” Our own Michael Bourne defends the queen of American book clubs.

    And you can meet Ayana Mathis before the Oprah interview, tomorrow, Feb 2. at 4 pm, at Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing.

  7. Come party with us at our Cedar Hills Crossing location!

    This Sunday, Nov. 4, we’ll be enjoying games, snacks, and much more from 3 to 6 pm as we celebrate our revamped store—with a portion of proceeds to benefit the Beaverton Education Foundation.

    At 4:30 pm, get ready for SciFi Authorfest VI. A starfleet of science-fiction and fantasy authors will take part in a galactic booksigning event.

    Also making an appearance: the Cloud City Garrison of the 501st Imperial Legion and the Kashyyyk Base of the Rebel Legion. Grok that!

    Get all the details here: http://powells.us/Sl5srw