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  2. And now…welcome to the CUTEST SALE EVER! http://powells.us/1poymMd

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    Day three of Powell’s Dog Week!

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  4. Do you love sloths? We ♥ sloths. That’s why we chose Lucy Cooke’s book as one of our new favorites. 30% off here: http://powells.us/Zm20R3

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  5. We know everyone is all over “bucket of sloths,” but seriously?

    "Kitten meets hedgehog’ is stealing our heart today.

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  6. Christine sent us a pic of her hedgehog Barnaby hanging out in a Powell’s mug.

    (Best. Friday. Ever.)

  7. Does your cat (or dog) nap in a Powell’s box? Does your toddler sip juice from a Powell’s mug? Are you rocking a Powell’s tee… RIGHT NOW?

    We want to see your Powell’s swag! Email your pics to tumblr@powells.com, and we’ll add them to our Pinterest board.

  8. Whether your li’l monster loves to read books or eat them, it’s a great time to buy your next batch of children’s books at Powell’s.

    Now, for a limited time, we’re offering 30% off select children’s titles from our friends at Sasquatch Books, all with a Pacific Northwest flavor. Yum!

    Browse in stores or online: http://powells.us/T0yWLD

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    this is brilliant!

    Still love this. Still think it would be an amazing way to propose to someone.

    (Still not interested in getting married myself so dont even try)


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