1. We’re remodeling!

    The Green and Blue Rooms are getting a new look and feel. On Monday, January 13, we will begin construction on the southeast portion of our flagship store. The project will take approximately six months to complete, and we’ll be revealing the new space this summer. We can’t wait to show it off! Click here for more info.

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    Omg, I can’t wait!!!
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    Doesn’t *every* bookstore wish it could be as cool as Powell’s? Regardless, we wish our Portlandia friends the best of...
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    Portland landmark!!
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    whoa, this is big news in my small book-loving world!
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    The only thing I hope they do to the Blue Room is fix the ceiling. Looks nasty and makes me nervous. (Or at least, it...
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    Whaaaaat. Just another reason to go back to Portland this summer. I hope they’re kind to the beloved blue room.
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