1. "Five years later, after floundering painfully in a world that was not hailing me as a literary genius, or anything close to it, I exploded in a burst of rebellion against this earnest literary greatness I’d been trying with no luck to cultivate. I remembered how to write — and remembered that as far as I can see, we are not demigods, we just sometimes think we are, and the resulting comeuppance can be very funny. I went right back to the way I’d started out writing as a kid — visceral, playful, fun, subversive, with no thought of Greatness, no thought of anything but having a good time as I wrote, of exposing people, showing them as they are — not as they ought to be or as I wished they were: Heroism and sentimentality went out the window, and I was left with my real voice."

    Just one of the reasons we’re wild about Kate Christensen. Read more over at the Powell’s blog.

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    I should read her work!
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    I just found out Kate Christensen lived on on the same street as me in 2010. So, while I was still living here!...
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    Mmmm! Love this quote.
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    i am not sold on reading the book but she’s dead on about finding your *voice* in writing, or is it all really about not...
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