1. Searching for the right gift for the young adult in your life? Dot D., graphic designer at Powell’s Books, recommends The Diviners. (Especially for fans of Downton Abbey and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)

    “The Diviners is one of those books you can wallow in, with vintage slang peppering the dialogue in all the right places, era-specific fads criss-crossing the pages, and the sparkle and spangle of clothing styles draped all over our main characters. From the sultry Valentino to the gory H.H. Holmes, I loved catching echoes of familiar historical events tucked into a plotline of dark mysterious forces and sassy dancing girls. This story of flappers and fiends is, overall, a gloriously fun and creepy read for long rainy days.”

    Find The Diviners and more staff picks here: http://powells.us/TFuemW

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