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    “Why shouldn’t night also be a time for readers? To read is to slip into that dark place, lulled by the voice of a writer, which the act of reading summons from the page. The phenomenon, surely, occurs more powerfully, more completely, in the quiet, nocturnal darkness. The day is too bright and noisy; there’s always something to do; the real world crowds around you and won’t let you take a stroll down the shaded path of imagination. Night offers shelter for the mind. At night, when the world is asleep, when windows are mirrors, when the light you read by is the one you must turn on yourself, you can almost hear books whispering. They call you. They quiver on their shelves, ready to open up and reveal what’s inside them like clams in heat. At night, all books are bright.”

    - At Night, All Books Are Bright by Charles-Adam Foster-Simard

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    These words wrap the reader up in the text, as we get lost in literature
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    Amen - I do my best (and most consistent) reading at night.
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    La nuit, tous les livres illuminent. Il existe deux types de personnes: les chouettes, et les alouettes. Moi même, j’ai...
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    Yes. I like to read at any time of the day, but I’ve always preferred to read late at night; there’s just something...
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