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    I forgot to share my (modest) haul from #Powells last week in #Portland. #tomrobbins #christophermoore #cormacmccarthy #lautréamont #orhanpamuk #books #reading #tourlife #tour #rvlife #circuslife

  4. James Ellroy signs books and talks to fans. Thanks so much for following along with #PowellsEvents! (at Powell’s City of Books)

  5. James Ellroy is here signing books before his reading at 4pm. Come hear him and get your book signed! Follow along with #PowellsEvents! (at Powell’s City of Books)

  6. “There is a funny part in the movie where my character gets angry at the end of a book and he throws the book out the window. I think many of us already want to do this, especially when a character dies.” - Bradley Cooper

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    Get your salivation on with the Portlandia Meal Generator!

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    We’ve read the lists of authors who have made it big when they were young. But how about authors who hit success in their later years?

    Here are 8 authors whose biggest successes came after they were 50.

  9. This could be you! #Repost from @mrscassman —- #fridayhappyhour Powells books is the best! Art and I ordered used books and got this gem for free in our shipment. I miss being able to hang in the city of books in Portland!!

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    Frank O’Hara, “Nocturne”

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