2. Behind the scenes at yesterday’s Ice Bucket Challenge with Powell’s CEO Miriam Sontz, from practice to actual dousing.

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    "Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love. It did not end well." I’M FINISHED. I am so exhausted from the crying and the grief, despair and waiting/anticipation. Two years ago I started this journey with Karou and Akiva and although this chapter has finished, I want MORE. By the godstars Laini Taylor is a genius and the hope and emotions she manages to instil in her elegant prose is stunning.

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  6. We’re really excited for Station Eleven, which comes out September 9. It’s super great and you should probably preorder a copy now: http://powells.us/1tqOQl9

  7. Our CEO Miriam Sontz took up the #ALSicebucketchallenge from Strand Book Store to raise awareness and money for ALS! Robin Lopez, our favorite book-loving member of the Portland Trail Blazers, and our neighbor Mike Vincent from Doc Martens, you’re next!

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    Entire section just 4 Agatha Christie cause her works were AWESOME sauce.

    I’m also loving the cover art on them very pretty

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    Poet laureate of LA lowlife, the enfant terrible of the Meat School poets, prophet of the underemployed, an X-rated Oscar the Grouch: Happy birthday Charles Bukowski!