1. Lena Dunham is here!! #PowellsEvents (at Newmark Theatre)

  2. Powell’s CEO Miriam Sontz meets Lena in the Green Room. #PowellsEvents

  3. Sound check with Lena and Carrie. #PowellsEvents (at Newmark Theater)


  4. "Writers are outsiders, and usually not by their own choosing. It’s why they’re writers. If they didn’t feel alienated from human experience, they wouldn’t feel so drawn to writing to make sense of their lives. It’s not the outsider’s facility for language that makes her a writer — many a student body president or homecoming queen can turn a phrase — but her ability to howl at the moon, on the page."
    — Karen Karbo writes for Powell’s Books’s blog about how much publishing has changed in the last 20-some years, but she also has a lot of great words about why people would want to deal with writing and publishing in the first place. Pair her smart essay with our own Nick Ripatrazone‘s piece “Practical Art: On Teaching the Business of Creative Writing.” (via millionsmillions)
  5. The Newmark is ready for @lenadunham tonight! #PowellsEvents (at Newmark Theatre)

  6. Good choices! #Repost from @lenadunham —- Tour it up indie press style at Powell’s #suitcasefullofbooks


  8. "The only important thing in a book is the meaning that it has for you."
    — W. Somerset Maugham (via abookblog)
  9. npr:

    27 years after The Princess Bride appeared on the silver screen, Cary Elwes (who played the beloved role of ‘Westley’) has co-authored a book about the making of the film. It’s called, of course, As You Wish.

    One thing I’d like to know: is this a kissing book?

    - Kate

    'As You Wish': Take A Peek At The Making Of 'The Princess Bride'

    Photo credit: Courtesy of the Princess Bride, Ltd.

  10. winter-is-coming-valar-morghulis:

    I found my new favourite twitter account

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