1. michaelmoonsbookshop:

    cover of a 19th century book on practical taxidermy 

  2. What poem do you have in your pocket today? We went with some classic, romantic Keats… #pocketpoem #poetrymonth

  3. Allen Ginsberg signs books at Powell’s. #tbt

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  4. Don’t let anything get in between you and good books. #Repost from @prosttothehost —- Trash the Dress #tbt to 7 years ago. #ilovebooks #weddingdress #powells

  5. abramsbooks:

    We’re celebrating #PoemInYourPocket Day at the office. Art by @meggsbenedict #npm14 (at Abrams Books)

  6. We are the most Portland thing about Portland!! Thank you for voting for us! We are toasting you with microbrews, fair trade coffee and teacups full of rain!


  7. sydney-freeman asked: Hi! Would it be possible for you guys to compose a top 10 list of books to read before you die? We're driving down from Canada in he summer to come visit you guys and I can't wait to load up on the books! You rock!

    Thank you for your suggestion! It’s a really great one! We’ll work on it and see what we can do!

  8. explore-blog:

    Upside Down Day – lovely vintage children’s book about those days when nothing seems to be right, penned by the director of NASA’s Public Affairs Office.

    (via teachingliteracy)

  9. thepianofarm:

    Don’t we all. Seen at Powell’s on Burnside. Portland.