2. Weekend inspiration. #Repost from @beaonthefly —- Sometimes the weather just calls for pedi’s, reading, and eating ice cream sandwiches outside in the nice California weather @prastandco #powellsbooks #wild #books #bookworm #reading #reader #california #californiasummer #downtownlivermore

  3. laurazwerling:

    Found in an old book: “Presented with the serious suggestion to use it as a doorstop, or a generous year’s supply of bum-fodder” (at Powell’s Books, Inc.)

  4. This week for #FridayHappyHour we want to hook you up with some of our favorite new YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Place an order today on powells.com and you might just get an extra book in the mail!

  5. Need some grilling inspiration for the weekend? Our Cedar Hills story had some ideas!

  6. sexfromscratch:

    Portland people! This is happening. The night of the book release is also my birthday, so you have to come. 

  7. Todd Glass says he prefers the term “busting out of the shed” instead of “coming out” because it seems more manly. #PowellsEvents


  8. "May the force be ever in your favor, Harry."
    — Gandalf (The Chronicles of Narnia)

    (Source: elderwand, via about-books-and-dreams)

  9. Todd Glass is at Cedar Hills tonight! You have until 7pm to get here! It will be funny! Even funnier than this picture! #PowellsEvents

  10. awesomepeoplereading:

    Harrison Ford reads.